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About Me

Truly Cates (she/her) is a Asian-American interdisciplinary artist. She is currently based out of her hometown of Atlanta, GA after earning her BFA in Drama (Lighting Design) from Carnegie Mellon University in 2021.

Engulfed in love for the visual arts from a young age, she is passionate about color, crafting, expressive makeup, fashion, and music. Truly's affinity for collaboration is clear through the exhilaration she finds in generating concepts, curating aesthetics, brainstorming, and problem-solving with a team. She feels deeply inspired by artists who proudly own their identities to defy social and systemic oppression; this emphasis on social justice shines through in her devotion to analysis, interpretation, and the creative process.Truly ultimately aspires to work within diverse groups of artists to produce art that makes statements and challenges social norms.

Photo taken by Cleo Perez

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