Lighting Design


Music Video

"THINK" by Sunday Saari


Spring 2019

Directed by Cameron King and Samantha Ozeas

Song performed and written by Sunday Saari

Choreographer: Rachel Pospíšil

Cinematography: Raffaele DiLullo

Costume Design: Davine Byon

Lighting Design and Programming: Truly Cates

Set Design: Katherine Sharpless

i hope they
haunt you


Directed by Lyam B. Gabel


Spring 2021

Directed by Lyam B. Gabel

Assistant Director: Samantha Ozeas

Dramaturgy: Sammie Paul

Costume Design: Maggie McGrann

Lighting Design: Truly Cates

Assistant Lighting Designer: Pablo Anton

Media Design: Sean B. Leo

Scenic Design: Izzy Hines

Sound Design: Travis Wright

Sorry Bro
(I Love You)

Concert Lighting Design Project

Song by Dorian Electra


Fall 2020

"Sorry Bro (I Love You)" by Dorian Electra

Lighting Design: Truly Cates



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Playground XVII

Created by Miller Kraps and Lauren Medina


Fall 2020

With music by Lady Gaga

Costume Design: Elinore Tolman

Lighting Design: Truly Cates

Lighting Programming: Nicholas Pollock

Media Design: SooA Kim

Assistant Media Design: Lenora Grant

Sound Design: Dean Thordarson

Wigs and Makeup: Audrey Goodman